Hanna Elizabeth Young, born in Canterbury, Kent in the UK, the 2nd daughter of the Army musician and her German mother, began to sing as soon as she started to talk and the first steps were dancing to the big variety of music she heard in her home (from Jazz, Rock, Big Band to Opera).

Hanna attended her local Grammar school where she joined the school band as a singer and had her first exciting performance in the famous Minden Jazz Club.

Taking lessons in ballet and learning to play the violin helped her to get the role in a musical, in which she played Sharpay from High School Musical under the direction of Patsy Hull. While singing there she was told the first time in her life that her voice was unexpectedly great for such a young girl (being 16) and her range is over three octaves, from deepest jazz to the high lyrical soprano.

Finally believing in her natural talent she sang, during her student exchange time in Texas, her beloved song: “Colors of the Wind”, the American Anthem, in a church and the people were always moved by her voice. “ I notice that I can make people happy with my music!”. Back in Germany she performed in the Big Band “Atemlos”, in which her father (now a music teacher ) played as well,  earned a little money singing in churches and at parties with her very talented piano player Jens Niemann.

Since Hanna was ten years old she dreamt from New York and to live and sing there. Her dreams came true after being chosen from 6000 to attend AMDA in New York, and only having a few training lessons from an opera teacher Fr. von Stetten.

Hanna was not frightened at all to leave her little village and could not wait to start her new life in New York:” I can make it with hard work and discipline!”, were her words  as she left on the 11th of October 2011.

On the 11th of February 2013,  she finished her studies and graduated with a Diploma in “Performing Arts” with excellent grades.

After graduating it shows that her determination is working. Hanna has already sang a few times in Cabaret shows, Jazz clubs and off Broadway at the Abingdon Theatre with her former music teacher from AMDA, Robert Vest.

All this shows, that her determination, strength and believe that with a smile in her face brings her a step forward to “making people happy with my music!”